Helloween/Pumpkins United Last Days

(AUD SHOT 151 min.)

*Brose Arena, Bamberg, Germany December 21 2018/Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany December 22 2018
01.Let Me Entertain You 12/22/02.Halloween 12/22/03.Dr. Stein 12/21/04.I'm Alive 12/21/05.If I Could Fly 12/21/06.Are You Metal? 12/22/07.March Of Time 12/21/08.Perfect Gentleman (Sala Tejo, Lisbon, Portugal December 6 2018)/
09.Starlight/Ride the Sky/Judas/Heavy Metal (Is The Law) 12/21/10.A Tale That Wasn't Right 12/22/11.Pumpkins United 12/21/
12.Drum Solo/Ingo Tribute 12/21/13.Livin' Ain't No Crime/A Little Time 12/22+12/21/14.Waiting For The Thunder 12/21/
15.Sole Survivor 12/21/16.Power 12/21/17.How Many Tears 12/22/18.Invitation/Eagle Fly Free 12/21/19.Keeper Of The Seven Keys 12/21/
20.Future World 12/22/21.I Want Out 12/22