Pretty Things/Final Bow

(AUD SHOT 80 min.)

*Indig02, London December 13 2018
01.Big Boss Man/02.Midnight To Six Man/03.Mr Evasion/04.Scene One/05.SF Sorrow Is Born/
06.She Says Good Morning with David Gilmour/07.Baron Saturday with David Gilmour/08.Trust with David Gilmour/09.I See You with David Gilmour/10.Cries From The Midnight Circus with David Gilmour/11.I Can't Be Satisfied/
12.Baby Please Don't Go with Van Morrison/13.I Can Tell with Van Morrison/14.Come See Me/15.LSD with David Gilmour/
16.Roadrunner with David Gilmour, Van Morrison/17.Loneliest Person