Liam Gallagher/Live at Union Chapel

(AUD SHOT 110 min.)

*Union Chapel, London, England December 13 2018
01.Wall Of Glass/02.Greedy Soul/03.For What It's Worth/04.Paper Crown/05.Eh La/06.Soul Love/07.Champagne Supernova/
08.Some Might Say/09.Rockin' Chair/10.Chinatown/11.I'm Outta Time/12.I Never Wanna Be Like You/13.Cast No Shadow/14.Wonderwall/
15.Live Forever

*DirecTV Arena, Tortuguitas, Argentina March 14 2018
01.Fuckin' In The Bushes/02.Rock 'n' Roll Star/03.Morning Glory/04.Greedy Soul/05.Wall Of Glass/06.Paper Crown/07.Bold/
08.For What It's Worth/09.Some Might Say/10.Slide Away/11.Come Back To Me/12.You Better Run/13.Universal Gleam/14.Be Here Now/
15.Wonderwall/16.Supersonic/17.Cigarettes & Alcohol