Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds/Luna Park 2018

(AUD SHOT 103 min.)

*Luna Park Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina November 4 2018
01.Fort Knox/02.Holy Mountain/03.Keep On Reaching/04.It's A Beautiful World/05.In The Heat Of The Moment/06.If I Had A Gun.../
07.Dream On/08.Little By Little/09.The Man Who Built The Moon/10.Dead In The Water/11.Supersonic/12.Live Forever (by crowd /request)/13.Be Careful What You Wish For/14.She Taught Me How To Fly/15.Whatever/16.Half The World Away/17.Wonderwall/
18.AKA... What A Life!/19.The Right Stuff/20.Go Let It Out/21.Don't Look Back In Anger/22.All You Need Is Love