Judas Priest/Firepower 2018 in Jakarta

(AUD SHOT 116 min.)

*Allianz Ecopark, Jakarta, Indonesia December 7 2018
01.Concert AD/Press Conference/02.Indonesia Raya/War Pigs/Intro/03.Firepower/04.Running Wild/05.Grinder/06.Sinner/07.The Ripper/
08.Lightning Strike/09.Desert Plains/10.No Surrender/11.Turbo Lover/11.The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown)/
13.Night Comes Down/14.Guardians/Rising From Ruins/15.Freewheel Burning/16.You've Got Another Thing Comin'/
17.Hell Bent For Leather/18.Painkiller/19.Metal Gods with Glenn Tipton/20.Breaking The Law with Glenn Tipton/
21.Living After Midnight with Glenn Tipton